Keep Your Cape On

IMG_5803It’s always funny to me (in a good way) when someone refers to me as a “Super Mom” because I’m literally just doing what I’m supposed to, want to, and have to do in order for my children to thrive.

I don’t see myself as super.

But maybe that’s the issue.

The days go by so quickly with daily parenting tasks (i.e. homework, sports, activities, conferences, etc.), work, grad school, social life and the sort. But somehow us “Super Parents” tackle the day like it’s one of our run of the mill super villains.

It’s easy for us to forget how awesome we as parents are on a regular basis.

It’s also easy for us to overly critique ourselves when we feel like we didn’t meet our own standards or expectations.

Those days we ask ourselves, “did we really deserve to wear the cape today?”

Yup. We do. Everyday.

Our childhood fictional superheroes didn’t always save the day. They messed up sometimes but their status still remained the same.

And so will ours.

I know you’re tired, overwhelmed, exhausted and sometimes you feel like you go unnoticed for all that you do (and we have every right to feel these things from time to time), but that “Super Parent” title will forever be etched in stone for you.

If no one has told you today, yesterday or in the past year, YOU ARE SUPER.

So never give away that cape.




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