pexels-photo-761142.jpegWe all have experienced a form of blockage in our life, whether it’s us not getting that promotion at work, the people around us not being supportive or as a parent not feeling like you have everything together.

Too many times I felt like a force was blocking me from achieving a goal or even daily tasks and in turn that caused major frustration within me which eventually poured out into my life. Unfortunately, I fed into the frustration, which grew, instead of trying to fight the force that was attempting to derail me.

I feel like as people it’s easier to feel frustrated, wallow and feed into it, instead of actually putting in the work to fight the blockage. We all want instant results and gratification. I’m guilty of that myself.

As a single parent, everyday I’m faced with situations or tasks that could eventually turn into a blockage or a clear path to getting things done. This morning for example, was a really rough one for my kids and myself. I was late to work, my youngest daughter couldn’t find her favorite sneakers, my car is a mess and no one wanted to get up this morning. Those are my personal blockages. Did I get frustrated at all of those things? Yes, yes I did, however, I did my best to make sure that my frustration didn’t fester. I was late to work, yes but when I got there I took 5 minutes to take deep breaths and pray. Did my daughter find her sneakers? No but we did find a pair of shoes that worked as an alternative. My car will be getting cleaned today, thanks to me having four able bodied children that will learn to work together for the greater good (lol)… a clean car. And although the five of us had a hard time getting up this morning, we were still able to get up.

Now don’t get me wrong and I won’t lie to you, I’ve fed into all of those blockages at different times before. But as I’m growing and maturing, because I’m still a student in Life 101, I’ve learned to handle those blockages better. Not to feed into them all the time but to actually use them as a stepping stone to a clear path. Will those stepping stones sometimes be road blocks in the future? Absolutely. But now I’ll be better prepared to handle those road blocks that try to derail my life or make me want to wallow in my frustration.

“You may not control all the events that happen to you, but you can decide not to be reduced by them.”- Dr. Maya Angelou


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  1. You ROCK!!! Keep writing. Keep pressing foward and being GREAT!!!

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