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“You don’t always have to be strong. Sometimes you need to scream, cuss, throw shit, or have a really good cry. But you always, always, always, need to pull yourself back together, then go back to being the badass you were meant to be.”

Trying to be strong, resilient, or even equable incessantly can be exhausting.

Don’t be mislead, having a panglossian spirit is definitely a good trait to possess because it’s beneficial to look at the silver lining in every situation. It can lift your spirits and those around you while giving a sense of hope.

Nevertheless, it’s okay if you don’t truly feel that way at first or even at all.

If you don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, that’s perfectly fine.

If your initial reaction is frustration or feeling vexed, that’s okay too.

If you have to take a minute to gather your thoughts, take your time.

Just don’t suppress it.

Everything isn’t okay all the time, and that’s okay. Life can be like that sometimes. I know you feel like if you could just put positive energy or vibes out there that you won’t have to feel the negativity because the negativity feels consuming right?

If you try to radiate rainbows and sunshine, that your spirits will stay high right?

I know.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a positive light. You can still radiate goodness even if you didn’t feel that way at first. We were blessed with an array of emotions so we can have a spiritual experience. We aren’t supposed to feel one way all the time. That’s too much and not enough.

Take your moments of frustration, anger, rage, sadness, anxiety, displeasure, disappointment, etc. You’re allowed that much in this Life that we are all living and navigating without a manual.

Just don’t stay there. Don’t suppress it. Don’t deny it.

Sometimes you have to feel your way through the pitch black, you won’t always have a light.

The positivity will come and it will feel 10x better than the negative emotion that tried to bury you.

You will always be a light in the darkness.


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  1. Marvelous says:

    Great read!

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    1. Thank you!! I appreciate the wonderful comment


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