I have a Visual

I was tasked by a really good friend to create a vision board for myself. They exclaimed that visualizing what I want to accomplish will help me bring those things to fruition. Logically, I knew it was a great idea, especially since I’m a visual person but for me it was also a reminder of some of the dreams and goals that I had (still have actually) that I didn’t accomplish in the time frame I felt they needed to be accomplished.

I guess I just didn’t want the constant reminder of the dreams and goals that I haven’t gotten to yet.

But I finally created it. And it was quite liberating and eye-opening.

Seeing and rediscovering parts of myself that I thought were lost due to various circumstances that have happened in my life was comforting. Knowing the dreams that I had were only laying dormant and not completely dead inside me. Objectives in my life that I was actually afraid to attempt, for whatever reason, knowing deep, deep down that I was more than qualified to achieve.

The very irrational fear, for lack of a better word, or anxiety that I had of making the vision board was a feeling of being “behind” everyone else or “too late” to do accomplish any of these things.

Crazy, right?

Maybe not so crazy. A lot of us don’t want a continuous reminder of what could’ve been or the feeling of being behind when it comes to achieving our dreams. We don’t want to think that our dreams and accomplishments are out of reach. I know I didn’t.

However, when I looked at my vision board upon completion, a sense of “I remember who I was and who I am” came over me. The dreams that God put on my heart many years ago were still there and the new dreams that He has put on my heart are just as strong as the original ones. Circumstances that arise will sometimes pull us away from our path of purpose and our dreams. And sometimes we stay in those circumstances for many reasons. We forget the vision we once had for ourselves.

We need to visualize again. We need to force ourselves to create a visual so we can get out of this stagnant energy that’s been hindering us. No matter how long it takes you to get there, keep the visual in your vantage point, no matter where you are in Life.

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