“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass

What is in the heart of a man that creates a legacy?








Along with those come learning experiences that grow you, teaching moments that ground you and reflective times that grant you peace and understanding.

Your guidance will reach them when they feel lost.

Your empathy will comfort them when they feel misunderstood and anxious.

Your altruism will give you their trust.

Your leadership will provide positive examples on how they will live in this world and interact.

Your self-awareness will allow them to be vulnerable.

Your communication will open doors to a relationship that will extend far beyond what they will seek.

Your love will envelop them with all the entities they need to live through life, not just survive.

You are the epitome of strength, courage, vulnerability, support, fun, sacrifice, motivation and encouragement.

You build in the midst of obstacles.

You’re calm in the eye of the storm.

You speak Life over and through your creations.

You are royalty in its most regal form.

You are a king.


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