Who Am I?

I find it slightly difficult to explain who I am as a person when people ask: “So tell me about yourself.” The closest thing I can think of is “Well I’m not a jerk.” I’m a visual person, whether it’s with learning or showing individuals who I am. So since you will be getting to know a snippet of me through my words, I will do my best to describe myself.

Growing up I have always been able to express my thoughts, ideas and feelings from pen to paper.

In my heart, I feel, I’ve always been a writer. And unfortunately at times, I have allowed my mind, to play tricks on me saying that I shouldn’t pursue my craft right now, try again later. The power of self doubt will get you every time.

I had to eventually ask myself, am I trying to be the next Zora Neale Hurston, J.K. Rowling or Maya Angelou? No. I had to convince myself that I needed to pursue my passion for me. In my time. Not to try to be like any of the above mentioned, amazing writers. So I took a breather, per se’. A lot of breathers to be honest. Unfortunately, we as humans, let life make us forget (sometimes) about the passions we have always wanted to pursue.

But now is a good time. Now, at any point in my life, has always been a good time. I just had to get out of my own head.

Human beings are all guilty of that.

However, I am not sharing my perspective of life to force my opinion on anyone that stumbles across my entries, but in sharing my perspective, it is just wonderful to know that you are not alone in your thoughts, ideas and/or life experiences.

I am a human that is still learning, growing and maturing. I am a human that has had my share of trauma, joy, pain and victory.

Will I have more trauma, joy, pain and victory? Probably, God willing way more joy and victory but we all know how life can be sometimes. But who said that I can’t help someone along the way with theirs? I know someone out there can help me as well.

All of those aspects are to be expected when you’re a late 30 something year old, single mom of 4 amazing but sometimes opinionated children (wonder who they got that from), who also just happens to be a first grade teacher. Let’s face it we’re all still full time students in Life 101. We’ve been given some tests that we passed with flying colors and others where we failed miserably. That’s what learning is all about.

Profile photo photography by: Erin Cross, Instagram: @erinchrisphotography

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  1. virginia turner says:

    I like who you are. The literary you is in your DNA take those thoughts out of your head and get them on the computer now.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Crystal Woods says:

    I cannot wait to read more from you!


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