It’s All About You


self·ish• /ˈselfish/•adjective
1. (of a person, action, or motive) lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one’s own personal profit or pleasure.
That was me last night. Guilty as charged. Yes, for once, I actually thought about myself for a change with no lingering guilt.
“Not today,” I thought to myself.
As my kids and I walked into our home and I made my way to my room, my first initial thought was “Let me see what needs to be tidied or sorted before bed.” Then I saw my bed. I saw the covers still in slight disarray from that morning when I was just too tired to make my bed. I saw my comfy slippers waiting for me by my nightstand calling me to slip my feet in. And a voice in my head that said, “treat yourself!!”
So I did.
I crawled in my bed, got under the covers, turned on The Avengers and relaxed while my four offspring got themselves ready for bed and school. All I needed was a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Salted Caramel Core and I would’ve forgotten that I even had kids at that moment.
Now usually I’m up either tidying a room, washing dishes, sorting laundry, or even helping one or all of them with a task. Thankfully, homework was completed and dinner was already consumed (kudos to my mom for providing dinner last night).
Did I tidy up a room? Nope. That can wait
Did I wash any dishes? Nope. I told my oldest to do that.
Did I sort laundry? Nope. I’ll do that over the weekend.
Did I assist my children with anything? Nope. They didn’t need me last night (for once.)
I actually listened to some good advice that I gave myself. I actually took Time for myself.
I decided to be selfish.
I decided that I was going to be no good to anybody if I forced myself to do household tasks that didn’t need to be completed right away. I decided that it won’t change the spectrum of my household if I decided not to wear one of the many hats that moms have, for a few hours before bedtime.
Will I do this every night? No. But we as parents can’t forget about…ourselves.
We can’t forget about our physical well-being.
We can’t forget about our mental well-being.
We can’t forget about us as people.
See I’m new to this whole, take time for yourself bit. I’m still learning how to show myself some much-needed appreciation. I’m still learning how to tell myself, “it’s okay if you don’t wash that last load tonight or wash that one plate in the sink.” Parents, we have to remind ourselves that we hold significance as well. Not just helping with homework or cooking dinner or vacuuming.
But as individuals.
I love being a mom and I love being there for my children, as well as, my loved ones. So I’ll always want to help anyone wherever I can.
But remembering to take care of and be there for me has drifted to a far away land.
So last night, I decided to be selfish.
How often are we going to be selfish?

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  1. Nicole says:

    Being as I have a very demanding 1 yr old it is hard for me to be selfish. Her constant need for something ALL the time can be exhausting. But I do see the light at the end of the tunnel and know it won’t be like this forever!!! I cant wait to be “selfish” just a little again.

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