Element of Speech

low light photo of opened book

As a human being, certain words and/or phrases just need to be in our vocabulary:

I can.

I will.


Work hard.






And most importantly, Love.

I know there are other great, motivational words and phrases floating around in everyday conversations but this is what was at the top of my cranium at the moment.

Believe it or not, words are powerful. We use them everyday to describe events, tasks, people and situations. We use them to either motivate or criticize something or someone. When words are transcribed from pen to paper, they become a catalyst for our imagination, thought process and how we live our lives.

I remember the vintage saying: “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” And as a kid, I tried to use that as my motto if I ever came across someone that said something mean or cruel to me, but in doing so I realize the power words had.

So why not use them for the greater good?

How many of us have gotten lost in a great book?

How many of us have felt a shift in our energy when someone presents us with a compliment?

Or on the flip side, when something negative is said?

Words are powerful.

Whether verbalized or transmitted from pen to paper, words can shift the atmosphere.



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