Earlier this evening my kids and I were on the phone with my older cousin, chit chatting. My son then asked him, “if you could have a super power what would it be?”

And then it got me thinking, “what would I want my super power to be?” I immediately chimed in and said “TELEKINESIS!!!,” mainly to bring the ice cream and spoon from the kitchen to my room while I watch television.

But then my thoughts became more significant.

What super power do you already possess?

No I’m not talking about super strength like Superman, bulletproof like Luke Cage, superhuman healing like Black Panther or telepathy like Jean Grey. I’m talking about the conventional abilities that we all possess.









The positive abilities that can save someone’s life, just not in the superhero conventional way.

Are you compassionate towards the family or friend that suffered a loss?

Are you appreciative of the people in your life who have helped you with various tasks?

Or are you patient with your children when they’re having a strenuous time figuring out a math problem or answering a history question for their homework?

Those “super power” abilities, believe it or not, go a long way. I think we as human underestimate the power we all possess to change a life. We underestimate how much our special abilities can bring joy, happiness, comfort or peace to the lives around us. We don’t realize how a heart to heart conversation with friend who’s hurting can calm their soul. We don’t realize how a kind smile to a stranger on the street could’ve helped their day go from terrible to amazing. Or just being thoughtful to the coworker who forgot their lunch at home and you treat them to food from the local deli or restaurant.

We all possess a super power or two.

How are you using your power?

Are you hiding your power from everyone?

You see there’s no need to have a secret identity or an altar ego when it comes to using your God-given, from birth, positive abilities with the world or your world around you. There’s no shame in genuinely and positively using and sharing your wonderful abilities.

So who are you going to save today?

“With great power, comes great responsibility”- (Uncle) Ben Parker, Spiderman



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