Often times I go to my family and friends for advice or counsel because sometimes I just can’t figure my emotions out at the moment. So earlier this week I got some really good news that would benefit my life tremendously.

I went to my good friend/coworker and immediately told her the news. Being the awesome friend that she is, she was equally excited for me, soon after stating “that situation would be so ideal for you.” Which in turn I replied, “I KNOW RIGHT?!?!” But then I paused as my thoughts began to take over my excitement. She looked at me concerned.

“I deserve ideal, right?” I asked

“Yeah!!! you absolutely do!!!” she said matter of factly

“You’re right!!!” I exclaimed “I do deserve ideal!”

And then that word just resonated within me for the rest of the day. I literally kept thinking about the definition of ideal and what it meant to me. Not just as a word in Webster’s dictionary but in life.



1. satisfying one’s conception of what is perfect; most suitable.

We all have our own idea or perception of what is ideal to us and often times we have a tendency to say to ourselves, “I really wish things could be this way” or “I really wish I could have this” or “this situation would be so perfect for me.”

Then the self doubt invades our psyche, at times. We tend to psyche ourselves into thinking that we don’t actually deserve an ideal situation.

But we do.

It’s unfortunate how our own thoughts can deter us from making us believe or even know that our ideal situation is waiting for us. We as parents, or even as grown ups, work so hard on a daily basis that sometimes we forget that our dreams deserve to become a reality. We are focused on what needs to get completed right now or trying to multitask our lives that we forget that our dreams and ideal situations are still beside us waiting to be grasped.

We deserve to have something in our lives that we deem as perfect. We deserve to have that great job, the loving relationship, the amazing house and long lasting friendships.

We deserve to have ideal.




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