Speak and Breathe

So I actually spoke one of my goals out loud yesterday and it was…different. The majority of the time, I would always daydream or just think about my goals but verbally acknowledging one of them brought a different feeling over me.

Not to mention I had extra encouragement along with it.

It felt real.

And then I thought, what if I did this with everything?

What if I spoke positivity on everything in my life?

I know it’s not always easy to think positive when situations in your life are stressful or overwhelming. I’m still trying to “train” myself to speak positivity and breathe life into a negative situation. But yesterday was a start.

I find myself encouraging my kids, family and friends to speak and think positively because I truly believe it helps. I, especially, want my kids to remember that they’ll face trials and tribulations but striving to remain positive and having faith through it all will help the situation feel less burdensome and overwhelming.

As a parent, sometimes it’s hard to practice what you preach. On a daily basis, you’re concerned about the well being of your children and making sure they grow up to be good people.

But let’s speak positivity on ourselves, parents. Let’s try to display to not only our children but to ourselves that putting out good vibes in the atmosphere helps. That negative situations definitely don’t last forever. And positivity always trumps negativity.


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