cre•ate: verb. bring (something) into existence

I used to think that the stories, poems, characters and worlds that I thought up in my imagination were only for me. I locked them away in various journals, composition notebooks, flash drives and the right side of my brain, wondering one day if my world would ever make it out of my imagination and onto more pieces of paper.

I’ve been daydreaming and imagining ideas and creative aspects of my reality for years only to keep them to myself. I knew the fact that I loved stories about far away lands, 10 year old wizards, journeys to return a ring and a boy who was a demigod had a lot to do with what was going on in my imagination.

I write like my life depends on it…and sometimes it does. Words on pages that are formed into meaningful works of art have always given me comfort. Having a small idea that manifests into something bigger and greater has always been at my fingertips.

I love to create.

I love to take something minuscule that most wouldn’t take a second look at and form it into something that could change a life, crack a smile or motivate.

I love blank canvases. They are open to so many options of beauty that can be interpreted in various ways.

I love empty pages. Because that only means chapters have yet to be scripted but the words that will finally find their way onto the lines of the pages would have come from a small idea.

I was called to create.

I was called to motivate to create.

I was made to create.

I was born to create.

I’m here to create.

So I will create.


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