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A thousand drum beats conveying a cadence through your chest

Your heart doesn’t know which way is up

Oxygen is obsolete as you pleasantly struggle to catch your breath

Your mind is racing on a speedway of peace

As you try to remember life before…this

You toggle with your memories and thoughts of “what was I even doing before?”

When did everything begin to make sense?

When did this happen?

Rumi proclaimed, “the beauty you see in me is a reflection of you

What a blessing it is to be graced with this abundance of pulchritude

All for me

And to share my inner universe with you

It’s all too consuming but yet not merely enough

It’s all encompassing yet easy to slip away

Strong enough to withstand yet delicate

The beauty of it all rests within every soul

Waiting to be received and to be given


No restrictions, no boundaries, no falsehoods

Pure, wild, ecstatic, unfiltered


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