Before I had kids, I always thought I would be one of those parents who wouldn’t cheer loud at my child/children’s events…fast forward to the present time and my kids have to tell me to tone the volume down. Uh!!! Not gonna happen!! Deal with it! I’ll scream and yell until my blood pressure goes up (not really, but you know what I mean).

But it’s amazing how much you change after you have kids. Hopefully for the better but change is inevitable.

Change after kids is inevitable.

That should be the tagline for parenting.

Although I feel like I’ve always been a pretty outgoing person, I didn’t always stand up for myself or at least I didn’t follow through. And honestly, when I got pregnant with my first child, I was worried that I would be the same way with my kids.

Will I be that mom that raises hell when something happens to her baby?

Will I be that mom that stands up for her child if he or she is being talked about?

Will I be that mom, where her kids know “if my mom found out about this, there’s gonna be heck to pay?”

The answer is yes.

I turned into that mom. I became the mom that I was worried about NOT becoming. I became the mom that will drive up to the school in a hot second, if a teacher calls about an incident. I became the mom where my children’s friends know not to do anything wrong when it comes to my child.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not intimidating to the point where I’m not approachable but in turn, I became the mom I wanted to be. I became the mom where my kids know that I’m always there for them. But will also let them know when they’ve done something wrong.

You see, when my children came into my life, they were the change that I needed. And sometimes you don’t realize it until you sit back and think about how far you’ve come from the first moment the pregnancy test said “positive” to now. It’s amazing how one little creature, that knows nothing about the world yet, can change your world.

I thank God everyday for my four blessings. And I’m grateful that my eyes were opened wider when they entered this world.



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