Spring is approaching. The light, breezy, peaceful weather, flowers blooming, trees beginning to show the greenness of their leaves again, more sunlight, and a feeling of growth. One of my favorite times of year.

Earth is in the process of emergence, as it knows it’s time to start anew. It’s the season of renewal.

Much like the blooming of beautiful flowers, animals making their way out of hibernation and the abundance of sunshine, we as humans are approaching our Spring season.

Our previous season may have felt like we were diminished, defeated, overlooked or even attacked.

We questioned our own value as a parent (raises hand), employee, friend or just to ourselves. We went through a period where, the feeling of “this is it,” “why is this taking so long?” or “is it going to get better from here?” was a common thought.

The urge to throw in the towel was a constant notion in our minds and living in survival mode was starting to feel permanent.

But what if survival mode was where we were supposed to be in order to feel the benefits of growth and blooming?

During that time we were planted, being tended to and cared for, watered, exposed to light but also endured darkness and storms. Our roots were forming from the seeds we once were, all the while growing and being fed in the process. We were removed from one small pot to an even bigger pot to make more room for our growth to continue.

We were being prepared.

Prepared to break through the surface of the beginning of our new season.

Prepared to bring joy, peace and embrace the new form that we are about to take.

Prepared to show all that we have endured.

That period of renewal didn’t take away from the fact that something so beautiful was about to occur and it didn’t take away from the fact that our season of growth and tending wasn’t in vain.

Your roots had to endure in order to be strong. Strong enough so your foundation could stand tall.

It’s your season to bloom.

“Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you think you’ve been buried, but you’ve actually been planted. Bloom” -Christine Caine

Photo by Hrvoje Abraham Miliu0107eviu0107 on Pexels.com


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