“Be willing to be a beginner every single morning.” -Meister Eckhart

My work computer is on constantly. I don’t have the energy sometimes to either shut it down or put it in sleep mode. As soon as I open it, all the tabs I had in there from the day or night before are still up and running. At times I even see tabs that my kids were utilizing.

This morning when I was trying to print a document and the system was moving at a leisurely pace. I did not have time for this. However, there was no way to rush the process. Eventually, the system never responded and I had to shut it down. As soon as I brought it back , I had to start over. I was asked if I wanted to restore all my pages due to everything being shut down incorrectly. I clicked “restore” and the system began to work at a more hurried pace.

I felt bad. I know, sounds weird, but it did.

Somewhat of a representation of the lives that some of us live.

How many tabs do you have open in your mind system? And how many do you actually “click” out of when it’s time to settle down?

I hadn’t given my computer any time to restore and shut down properly. And I don’t do that with my brain either.

When I restored those tabs, I thought to myself “I honestly don’t need all of these open.” I hadn’t thought about them in days. Same goes for the thoughts, concerns, tasks, responsibilities and possible worries we have on our minds every day. Some of the tabs we have open in our brains need to be closed. We have to give not only our subconscious time to restore but our souls also. I have not yet mastered this. I am still a beginner when it comes to allowing my mind to clear and settle when it’s time.

It is definitely easier said than done to turn our brains off. Throughout our day we are consumed with so much…Life.

This errand has to be completed.

This deadline needs to be met.

Grocery shopping.

Making sure, in my case, kids are all set with…everything.

Last but not least, ourselves.

Treating ourselves with as much self-love and self-care as we show everyone and everything in our lives is just as important.

Somehow we seem to close out the tab on ourselves every day. As easy as opening more tabs, sometimes unnecessary, pointless tabs. Our minds are always going, always thinking, always calculating the next move. We have to find a way to “power down” as well. A way to restore and recharge so we can begin to properly navigate a healthy way to tend to our minds.

Allow yourself to turn everything off, shut down, restore and start fresh every time. And with every new restart, you don’t need to open up old tabs, pages, worries, etc. Give your mind a chance to work smoothly, a chance to focus on what’s imperative so that tab can be closed.

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