No Small Dreams

“A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world.” – Oscar Wilde

Have you ever bought your favorite coffee or espresso drink from your favorite establishment? Purchase a pair of sneakers or an ensemble? Treated yourself to a movie or dinner at your favorite restaurant, all in the name of “I deserve this?”

More than likely you have.

Whether you had a late night, finished a project on time, received amazing grades or just have been killin it at Life, you deserve it.

So why are you questioning if you deserve your dream?

I question myself more times than I should about pursuing my dreams.

“Do I have the time?”

“Is it too late for me to begin?”

And then upon reflecting and gazing inward, the realization is that my dreams are on my heart and mind for a reason. They are a part of me. I can’t be concerned about meeting society’s standards of success. I can’t worry if my dream will thrive immediately after taking that first step. I don’t need to overthink about receiving support from outside entities. And I can’t be anxious about not being able to throw myself completely in it 24/7.

Our dreams are deserved.

We deserve to witness fruition, no matter how long it takes.

We deserve to release that part of us that has constantly said “this will never happen.”

We deserve and need to welcome any and all challenges it’ll take to get to 100%, whatever that looks like for anyone.

We deserve to make our past and future selves proud that giving up may have come in our path, but that original spark always came to save us.

I know you’ve asked yourself “what did I do to deserve any of this?”

You exist.

You deserve your dreams simply because you are here.

And you’re living.

And there is a place inside of you that was purposefully created for your dreams.

Believing in yourself may have diminished over time.

Doubtful thoughts, naysayers convinced you otherwise.

Time may have been a factor.

But did it ever leave your heart, I know it sounds cliche’, but did it?

If it didn’t, then your dream is ready for you.

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