Ukiyo (u-key-yo)

“There are no ordinary moments.” -Dan Millman

Remembering to permeate little moments in our lives are valuable. I, sometimes, forget how amazing they are because I don’t want them to end.

In my Life, the little moments matter tremendously. Over time they begin to add up to immense, significant moments. Moments that will forever be engrained on the tablet of our memories.

Two mornings in a row my younger two kids and I were able to witness a partial sunrise. The sun was huge, perfectly round and the splendid hues of red, orange, yellow and a twinge of lavender blended together like a beautiful canvas. My rinky dink camera could not capture how magnificent the sunrise was.

And the best part…it was unexpected. We were pleasantly forced to enjoy the beauty that was taking place above us.

Usually we miss any type of sunrise in our mornings due to the every day bustle.

We’re always in such a routine or rush every day that we miss out on the beauty around us.

More times than I would like to admit, the consumption of “what’s next?” is unfathomable sometimes. The present escapes us.

We want these moments to last, we don’t even realize that we’re actually disassociating from the moment. We’re worried about the euphoric feeling dissipating too soon.

Thankfully, that’s normal. But not an emotion we should get used to.

I understand though.

What individual wouldn’t want a positive, ethreal feeling to last longer than a moment?

But in experiencing these small moments we can teach ourselves to stop and breathe it all in.

We can just sit and be present.

We can smile at the fact that we get to witness any moment.

We can express gratitude that everything around us is happening for us.

We can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that we will be blessed with more pleasant moments.

We can observe and become elated with the people that are with us during these times.

We can relax knowing that not every significant time in our lives have to be major.

That’s the beauty of being granted a chance every minute.

The difficulty that all of us have faced over the past year and a half has rightfully and probably, slightly tainted our view and perspective on being present or it has made us appreciate every moment.

I hope you chose or are beginning to choose the latter.

Little moments are worth every memory that will play in our minds forever.

Photo by kira schwarz on


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