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I love to write.

I love to put my thoughts and feelings from pen to paper and have it translate to something different for anyone who comes across my work.

I love to create characters that will resonate with a reader that needs an escape from the reality they are currently in.

I love to use my writing as a creative mechanism to further enhance what I’m trying to say when the write words fail to come out of my mouth

I love to write.

And for me, it’s therapeutic and thought-provoking.

So recently, I came across a celebrity’s social media page who recently released an autobiography. However, the actual book itself wasn’t what I was interested in.

It was the caption to promote the book.

It read: “When you realize you’re the story AND the author.”

What a revelation.

As someone who not only loves to journal, write posts on my blog (obviously) or even assist my kids with essays, I was very intrigued by this simple, yet profound phrase. Stories are a gateway for the world to see your perspective on life in an artistic way.

How many times have you called or texted your best friend or a sibling and said “I have so much to tell you…” or “you won’t believe what just happened” and then proceed to recount an event? And along the way various characters and events were introduced, that played a vital role in the story you were retelling. The impact of the event or the role a certain character played maybe have been tiny or huge, but it was significant.

So why not view your life as a book with blank pages?

Your story is still being written at this very moment.

You’re still living a plot that someone is reading and becoming inspired with every turn of the page. Every plot twist, downfall, rising action, and resolution is yours to transcribe.

When you look at your life, there is no one else that holds the pen but you. There will be climaxes that surprise us, villains that try to destroy us, conflicts that will arise, foreshadowing, irony (a lot of that), battles between the protagonist and antagonist (whichever one we are in that particular chapter) and of course the mood of the story. The mood will not always be the same nor will it always be pleasant.

However it’s your pen. Write with intention.

Your pages. Fill every space.

Your setting. You choose where you need and want to be.

Your character arc. You will inspire.

Your story. Make it a bestseller.

The best-selling author right now is you.


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