Set your life on fire. Seek those who fan your flames. -Rumi

Now just imagine for a second how powerful fire is. Literally and metaphorically. Fire is one of the most powerful elements on this planet that can either destroy or restore. It is a force that we’re either afraid of or wishing for.

So when we think about the individuals in our lives, are they fanning our flames or trying to extinguish them?

Are they gassing us up or are they siphoning our tank?

We are faced everyday with the choice to set our life on fire. Whether it’s as simple as waking up early to exercise or meditate or taking that big step in financing your own business or applying for that dream position.

We are setting our lives on fire. A fire that will restore us.

In doing so we have to evaluate our circle to delegate whether or not the people in it are throwing water or fanning us to make our fire bigger. Imagine waking up every morning with a fire burning inside of you, you’re motivated to achieve the small and big successes that await you. Not all of them have to be accomplished that day but your mindset is on the right path, correct? So with all that fire raging inside of you, why let one person or even a few people throw a bucket of water on you?

Positive support systems are literally, mentally and emotionally beneficial to our lives. When we’re walking this Life path, it always helps to have people on our journey with us, whether they start off with us and leave during the middle, or even come towards the end. We need those support systems. And in those different stages of our lives, we need those people who are going to fan our flames. We need those people who are there to help pick us up when we are weak, when we doubt ourselves, when the victories are celebrated or we just need someone to sit with us.

Those are the people that need to fan our flames.

And then we’ll be blessed enough, to cross paths with someone or a few people that actually reignite that fire within us. The dark moments will come where our fire isn’t lighting up our own atmosphere. It’ll be difficult for us to strike the match to get our fire burning. But at the right moment, just when we feel as though our flames are diminishing, fanners will come into our lives to not only reignite but continue to fan our flames as we proceed on our path.

We will begin to burn bright again and set our lives on fire.


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