“Wake Up! This world that you dream holds nothing to fear” -Rumi

The life you’ve been dreaming about and manifesting is coming to fruition. You feel it. The energy that follows you and encases you is growing stronger by the minute.

You’ve put your best foot forward time and time again. Some victories and some lessons. Never failures or losses. Every opportunity that you took advantage of didn’t always bring you the result that you wanted.

But you learned from it.

You learned where your true desire lies. You learned what type of energy your natural self welcomes and rejects. Your own power laid dormant inside of you for so long that you forgot what you possessed. You forgot what God created inside of you from the moment He thought of you.

But that’s okay.

You know you’re ready to start again. You know you’re ready to dream and believe again in that passion that consumed you so long ago. You know you’re ready to cross everything off your list.

Life has a way of placing obstacles in our life path that we either take as stumbling blocks or stepping stones. Often we see them as stumbling blocks. We trip over them not realizing we can use them to go to the next stone. We learned how to keep our balance while walking so we don’t trip again. And even if we do. We know how to get back up

It’s okay if you’ve fallen a few times.

Took the wrong direction when there was a fork in the road.

Associated yourself with people that dehydrated you instead of watered you.

Or doubted yourself.

But that’s okay.

You’re ready to begin again.

Welcome back.


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