I always feel like God and the universe speak to me the most when the rain comes. I love the sound it makes hitting the pavement or my window, putting me in a calming state.

Safely catatonic.

The rain comes as a channel for living things to grow and flourish. It quenches the thirst of ones who have been dehydrated for so long. Our roots have been craving the hydration of this God created precipitation.

Flowers grow and worries can get washed away. Becoming one with the water that comes from heaven instills a sense of release and comfort.

We’ve been dehydrated. Our roots need the water that our souls have been craving. Our skin needs to feel the touch of God connecting with us. We need to feel things again.

Dance with the rain.

“Let’s just sit quietly and listen to the secrets the rain wants to tell us.” –John Mark Green


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