Trust it

Fractal, Flame, Energy, Light, Futuristic, Dynamic

Image courtesy of Pixabay

I try not to force myself to write blog entries on a daily or weekly basis just to “keep up” with…everything.

I write in the moments where I feel.

When a moment strikes, I share my knowledge, give insight or connect. I write in moments. And in doing so, I have begun to live my life with the similar philosophy.

I am not forcing myself to engage, partake or push myself into situations, events or conversations that aren’t serving a positive purpose. I feel as though I may have written something along these lines before, however, over the past few months this aspect of life has been resonating with me…strong.

I’ve always been told to trust my instincts. I’ve always been told that if something doesn’t feel right to me or if any type of vibe or energy is off, to not pursue it. Have I always listened to my gut? No.

But it has never been wrong.

So with the experiences that I’ve had throughout my Life, with each one I learned to trust myself and the energy that surrounds me. I am able to better pinpoint what is bringing me positivity and what I need to avoid.

I am trusting the shift that is happening in my Life at the moment. I am learning from both positive and negative situations and trusting that both aspects will bring me to where I need to be. I am embracing everything that I am and slowly discarding everything that I am not.

I am trusting that in the moments where I feel a surge, to fully embrace and to either utilize it or avoid it.

I am trusting in the moments that speak to me, where I can hear that voice telling me what is.

I am learning to trust myself again.



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