“I stopped explaining myself when I realized other people only understand from their level of perception.” -Anonymous

One thing that I’ve learned is that I can’t control how much someone understands me, my life or my viewpoints. Better yet, if they understand me at all.

I used to become so frustrated and irritated when I would explain my perspective on a topic or situation and I didn’t receive the same sentiment from the other party or parties. No matter how much I felt I was right or if I had a whole crew backing me, I couldn’t make someone understand me.

Trying to explain myself over and over again became redundant and draining. And that used to make me question if what I was feeling was valid.

But then over time, I got tired of explaining myself. Especially to certain people who made it a point to purposely not even try to understand my viewpoint. I began to slowly understand that certain people will share the sentiments as myself and the people who don’t, don’t need further explanation.

I was in a relationship where I found myself explaining my feelings and point of views, over and over and over again, to no avail. There was no understanding or sympathy on the other end of the conversations, so it used to burn me up inside to feel misunderstood or to not get a little bit of sympathy. I not only found this in personal relationships, especially romantic but in any type of relationship. Whether familial, work or friendships.

Everyone is not going to understand you at your level or even above it.

Once I accepted this. And not just accepted it, but was perfectly fine with it. I began to obtain a little slice of peace. It was easier to pick and choose the people I decided to divulge information to. I didn’t stew or stay upset if I had to explain a sentiment to someone that wasn’t a usual confidant (i.e. work related or other). It didn’t bother me when they didn’t understand my perspective.

I found that through Life, you are put through tests and trials to learn lessons. Lessons that will take you upward and onward. Lessons that will separate you from people who want don’t want to grow and mature but will push you in the direction of individuals who believe that you never stop learning and changing for the better.

I will never be able to control someone’s perspective of my Life. But I will be able to control my reaction to their misunderstanding.


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