Blank Pages

white lined notebook on gray table

“I can shake off everything as I write; my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.”

— Anne Frank

Thoughts to pen to paper is a form of therapy. Catharsis ensues when paper allows you to get out all of your inner most joys, confusion, sorrows, elation, sadness, contentment, etc. The pen waits for you to pick it up and begin to cover the pages with the emotions that have been bottled up.

There is no judgement.

No mocking.

No distancing.

No stopping.

No confusion.

It just lets you write.

Thoughts to pen to paper is necessary. Reading the emotions you bled onto that paper will allow you to either motivate, inspire or talk yourself down. Those words will show you your progression, regression and plateauing moments.

Paper won’t shut you out when you write about the same sad or confusing moments that are happening in your life.

Paper won’t pretend like it is happy for you when those joyous and victorious are being transcribed.

Paper won’t judge some of the harsh things you may have said or done to someone.

Thoughts to pen to paper is healing.

Finding yourself again and rediscovering the courage that you thought you lost forever, will emerge as the words begin to flow from your brain to the pen. A weight will be lifted and a soul will be renewed.

Thoughts to pen to paper is cosmic.



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