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Everyday brings new beginnings, however, there is something about a new month beginning that gives the meaning of “new” a different definition.

It’s the first day of April. My favorite month. And I was looking through Pinterest to find an image that properly displayed the beauty of April starting, I found out the meaning of April.

April derives from the Latin verb aperire meaning: to open. In Ancient Roman times, they chose the word April for the flowers and leaves that budded during that month. I love when flowers start to bud, it means that throughout Fall and Winter they were preparing themselves to open and show the beauty they always had inside of them.

Which brings me to this thought: What are you budding or opening during this season of your life?

This question goes for me as well.

We all go through various seasons in our life that bring triumph from our trials and knowledge from our enlightening experiences. When we go through our darkest times, it can be overwhelming, suffocating and flat out stressful. It seems as though no matter how hard we try our Life isn’t going the way we “planned.” And those seasons feel like they last forever. But then comes “a new dawn, a new day, a new life.” We begin to understand why we went through those dark moments. We begin to admire our newfound strength because we were able to conquer all the negatives that Life threw at us. However, with this new season that is showing the makings of everything positive and things budding, how are we going to open ourselves up to it?

How are we going to bloom and bud during this new season?

What new experiences are we going to be open to?

The seasons we experience that aren’t sunny, springy and refreshing are there to help change our mindset, bad habits, or toxic surroundings that are weighing us down. During those times we aren’t growing to our full potential because we are still establishing our roots. We’re making sure that once the season comes for the sun to shine on us, that we are ready. Ready to bloom, grow and show our true beauty.

This new season will bring prosperity, growth, love, miracles and fresh air.

You just have to be open to it.

When the flower blossoms, the bee will come.  -Srikumar Rao


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