Truth is…

“Truth is powerful and it prevails.” -Sojourner Truth

How powerful is the truth?

How much does it affect our lives and the people around us?

How much liberation do we feel when there is admittance?

Life gives us tests and obstacles to pass and overcome to see if we have displayed growth and maturity. We are purposely in situations where we have to change our process of thinking in addition to the blindfold being taken off our eyes so we can see the truth in all it’s splendor.

It’s hard facing the truth. It’s hard seeing things for what they are, when for so long, we saw things as how we wanted them to be.

And the hardest truth to face is when we have to admit everything we lied to ourselves about.

Those truths can feel like hell.

I’ve been through various situations in my Life where the lies felt pleasant and necessary. I lied to myself because I didn’t want to hurt my own feelings; moments where sugar-coating felt better than the sometimes bitterness of truth. I couldn’t handle the truth. However in sugar-coating, I realized that the euphoric feeling doesn’t last long. We feel a high that’s amazing and pleasantly aggressive but at any moment, comes the crash. That draining, tired, exhausted feeling we have to endure because the sugar (the lie) is starting to come out of our system.


It can be sickening.

Not facing the truth is like an untreated wound that begins to fester and becomes infected. It hurts, it’s sensitive and it can potentially spread and affect other areas that were otherwise healthy.

Facing the truth in certain situations, for me, was very difficult. Many times I didn’t want to. I wanted to stay on that sugar high and never come down. And for a while I didn’t. I just kept feeding myself unhealthy aspects of my Life until it started to make me sick.

Sooner or later I got tired of feeling sick and tired of feeling tired. The toll of lying to myself was affecting not just my mental well-being but my spiritual and emotional well-being.

Facing the truth in certain situations and experiences hurt but that’s when the healing and clarity began. And being able to finally walk around without a blindfold was liberating and freeing.

The journey of facing the truth can be a long but healing one. At the end of the day, being healed is therapeutic.





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