We all have had experiences and situations that brought us to a breaking point in our lives. We were going through the motions of Life, “kinda, sorta” dealing with what was thrown at us. We didn’t fully immerse ourselves in a resolution for a situation, we only addressed it and then swept it under the rug.

However the problem was still there.

A problem that would eventually creep its way back to the forefront.

I’ve been famous for handling certain situations in my Life like that. And it never fails. I always reach a breaking point.

But in some cases, getting to that point where enough is enough can be liberating and cathartic. It’s as if the energy around you is telling you that, “no you don’t have to deal with this. I will not allow space to be tainted anymore”

I had a situation recently where the words that came out of my mouth were “I’m done.”

That’s the breaking point.

You’ve dealt with a situation, person, job, hairstyle, whatever the case may be, that was disrupting your space for long enough. And the breaking point isn’t always pretty. It’s not always an epiphany that comes to you during your quiet times.

Sometimes the breaking points come during the storm.

Sometimes they come while you’re walking through fire.

And sometimes they come when you’re face to face with your own Goliath.

But whatever they are, you’re strong enough to handle them and allowed to say…”I’m done.”

“Tough times never last, but tough people do.” -Robert H. Schuller


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