Saving Our Dimension

Image result for spider man into the spider verse“One thing I know for sure: don’t do it like me. Do it like you.” -Peter Parker

How often do we come across people in our lifetime that we have similar situations to? Quite a few. We often sit with them and compare stories and life experiences and feel good about not feeling alone. But they’re still our very own stories and experiences.

Or even when we come across people that have similar personalities to us and we feel a connection but yet we’re still our very own person.

I took my kids to see Spider-Man: Into the Spider Verse yesterday evening, along with family and friends. Aside from the fact that Spider-Man is my favorite superhero, the new one (Miles Morales) reminds me of my son and as a big kid I still love animation, the film had an amazing plot.

We are not alone but we’re definitely not the same.

We are not the only ones that have gone through positive and negative experiences in our lives that have impacted us and the people connected to our lives. Of course, we come across family, friends and even strangers who we share similar experiences with and it’s beneficial to be able to connect on a similar level. But we must remember that they are still our own experiences and we have to handle them the best way WE know how.

I feel like at one or even multiple points in our lives, all of us could relate to Miles in a way where we’re not totally positive on how to handle a situation in our life so we turn to people who have either been through it or are going through it. We often look to those individuals to guide us, solve our problems or give us all the answers when in reality we won’t be able to fix anything until we look inside ourselves. We have to take a leap of faith into our own strengths.

I know how burdensome it can feel when faced with a new situation that requires us to ultimately look to our own strengths in order to save our own world. Especially, when we never had to before. People connected to our lives and situations can feel like multiple versions of ourselves.

But it’s still up to us that have to “save our own universe.”

Image courtesy of Marvel & Sony Entertainment and Animation via Google.



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