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December 31 is on its way and people are preparing to make resolutions for 2019: health, relationships, self-care, faith, etc., because on January 1 that’s when the new life begins.

I completely understand.

A new year always feels like it’s a chance to start over, start fresh. A chance to say: I’m going to do my life different this year.

Again, I understand.

But in going through life experiences and dealing with ups and downs, I realized a long time ago that you can change your life any day of the year.

Life changing moments, gut instincts, your spirit speaking to you or your conscience whispering in your ear can happen at any time.

I used to ignore those indicators where I knew I needed to change aspects of my life. Whether it was my eating habits, cutting people out of my life, accepting new people, practicing better self-care (emotionally, mentally & spiritually) or bringing myself closer to God. And I always waited until January 1, after some damage had already been done unfortunately.

Epiphanies, realizations, light bulbs and a-ha moments happen all the time, not just on December 31 or New Year’s Day.

At some point in everybody’s lives we have those moments but why wait until the beginning of the year to take advantage of them? Why not take advantage of them when they happen?

I had to learn the hard way to take advantage of opportunities when they presented themselves. Too many times I allowed great opportunities to pass throughout the year and then felt like I had to wait until the new year to start over.

I had to start taking advantage in that moment.

Don’t wait for the new year, to get a new you.

Change your life today. Don’t gamble on the future, act now, without delay. -Simone de Beauvoir


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