Wonder Woman

You have your days where you feel powerful, resilient and determined. Those days where nothing and no one can stop you from being as strong as you feel.

The days where you look back on the cards you were dealt and wondered how you EVER made it through.

The days where you didn’t always feel the encouragement, support or love from the significant people in your life.

Days where you felt the loneliness.

The nights you stayed up and cried because you didn’t think you could do Life by yourself with little ones depending on you.

The moments when you decided enough was enough and you knew you deserved better.

And those moments when you felt you didn’t.

The moments you felt misunderstood.



The times you felt defeated because your children just didn’t understand you.

And those times when they showed that they couldn’t get through anything without you.

Those moments…

Those moments when you asked God and the universe why you were chosen to take on this role. This figure. This being that could produce life and everything beautiful that comes with it.

Times where you felt and still feel exhausted.

Times where you needed a listening ear.

Times where you just wanted another being to feel your energy and just…know without saying.

But you had to be that person for yourself.

The moments of being proud of who you’ve become

And will become.

The feeling of knowing that there is still work to be done.  Great work.

I pray for your moments of clarity, peace, understanding and strength.

The moments where self-doubt doesn’t overwhelm you.

And the moment when you look at yourself in the mirror and see every beautiful aspect of your being.

That moment.

Art by @jude_devir (Instagram)


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