Hills and Valleys

snow covered mountain during sunrise

Those at the top of the mountain didn’t fall there. -Unknown

Mountains and valleys are common aspects in everyone’s life. We often forget that in order to even get to a mountain, we have to go through a valley. In order for us to reach our goal, we have to go through the process.

The valleys are never easy and they teach us a lesson every time. They are designed to test our resilience, faith and mindset. In all cases and situations, it feels like our walk in the valley never ends. It feels like the tough situations or the goals and aspirations you’re trying to achieve are stuck at a dead-end. Life has a tendency to use the phrase “when it rains, it pours,” in any situation. Be it negative or positive. We have our seasons where the feeling of being overwhelmed, defeated, anxious and exhausted, simultaneously. We can have the feeling of being under appreciated or wondering why or what we’re doing everything for.

I sat at my desk today when everyone departed to go home thinking about all the tasks I had to accomplish this week. I started to make a mental list and even double checked it to see if I could cross anything off. I couldn’t. At least not today. I started thinking of a schedule as well to get tasks completed, Thanksgiving food contribution included, and I actually had to take a step back because I began to feel overwhelmed.

I looked at everything that I needed to get done and immediately felt “how am I going to get through all of this?” for a slight second I even asked myself, “why am I doing all of this?” It’s crazy how our own minds can convince us that either we’re not doing enough or what we’re doing won’t be of any significance once the task is completed or the goal is achieved.

There have been times where I was the last person to leave work, times where my services were rendered more than others, moments where my children were pulling me in different directions simultaneously all while trying to keep my family’s head above water.

But all of this is normal.

These moments of valley visiting before we get to the top of the mountain, feeling like our grind isn’t paying off or our minds convincing us that we’re not doing enough are all a part of achieving and/or accomplishing our goals.

Allow yourself the moments where you might question yourself. The moments where you feel like everything you’ve either accomplished or are working towards are going unnoticed.

Don’t ever question the hard work and resilience you’ve gained and displayed throughout your life. The knowledge and wisdom that came with all of the struggles, late nights and moments of clarity.

Perspective will be gained in the end.



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