Have Yourself A Merry Little…

So Thanksgiving is upon us which means, Christmas is right around the corner.

Yes I know no one wants to think about that. It’s a slight reminder of how fast the year went by.

However, I love Christmas.

It truly is the time of year where you look back and reflect. The time where our love for family, friends and humanity heighten.

But in writing that last sentence, as I’ve gotten older, Ive realized more and more that my love of family, friends and humanity is 365. And that’s what I’ve been trying to display, for the past few years.

Have the Christmas spirit 24/7.

No don’t drink eggnog in February or wear an ugly Christmas sweater in April. Nothing like that.

But show your love all the time.

One Christmas, my kids asked me what I wanted for Christmas and for the first time, I had no answer.

Surprisingly enough, I was okay with not having a traditional Christmas list. I believe at that moment, I really realized that a gift, neatly and beautifully wrapped, wasn’t going to make me happy or bring me joy.

I truly just wanted (like I do every year) my loved ones to be genuinely happy.

What’s that called when your loved ones happiness is your happiness too?

Oh right!!


I love Christmas and the feeling it brings to the people around you, family and strangers alike. A sense of joy does fill the atmosphere and somewhat calms the tiny Grinch or Scrooge inside of us.

But in risk of sounding corny, let’s try for the Christmas spirit, all the time.

A spirit that needs to spread from January to December.


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