“You have seen my descent. Now watch my rising” -Rumi

When coal gets pressurized it turns into a diamond.

And a diamond is one of the most beautiful and significant stones in the world.

So shouldn’t we be looking at ourselves as gems when we survive a pressurized situation?

So often we forget how strong we are when put into a situation that is out of our control. Situations where we’re often put to the test. A test we didn’t study for but somehow were able to pass.

Life always wants to see if we’re the piece of coal that will pressurize into a diamond. It wants to know any time we go through our trials that we’ll come out shining.

I started a new job last week, that so far I love, however it is a complete 180 from what my previous job entailed. More fast paced, different duties everyday and face to face interactions all day…but it’s me.

I felt some pressure on my first week, to be honest. Prioritizing various tasks, making sure everyone that depends on me doesn’t feel inferior and helping to keep things running smooth like a well oiled machine.

But I got through it; learned something new every single day.

Enjoying the new facets and aspects of what comes my way on a daily basis.

That’s what pressurization does. It puts you through the ringer but this beautiful, flawless, shiny gem is formed from it.

How amazing it is that from a situation that is meant to break you, turns you into something priceless.

How are you shining?









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