grayscale photo of black adjustable dumbbell

For the past week and a half I’ve been participating in a healthier, better eating challenge with two of my really good friends. Now mind you, I love food and I love consuming it. I love smelling it, I love cooking it and I love looking at it.

I. just. love. it.

So I bet you’re wondering, why I even made the decision to participate in this healthy eating challenge.

Well, of course, I want to be healthy and have more energy to be a better me physically, especially for my kids. However, the daunting thing about this challenge has been the discipline. Which got me to thinking about how disciplined we are in other aspects of our lives.

This isn’t my first time attempting to be a healthier Tai. I’ve tried to have a better lifestyle in the past in regards to my health but I have always fallen short. The discipline just wasn’t there. Either I would let my stress get the best of me and say: I deserve this cupcake, it’s been a hard week or I would accomplish so much with my new healthy lifestyle and say: I deserve this cupcake, it’s been a rewarding week. 

Regardless, the discipline was lacking.

So when I decided to participate with this particular healthy lifestyle challenge, the discipline was apparent and staring me in my face like: Tai!!! We’re going to follow through this time, right? and I literally answered myself like: YES!!! I’m for real this time!!!

I’ve been in situations where my discipline should’ve been at the forefront but it wasn’t. I didn’t allow it. I still lack discipline in some areas. But getting older and experiencing the many ups and downs of life, at some point, you just know or it comes naturally to have discipline in your life. And it comes naturally because you eventually get tired of the same old results from not being disciplined or believing in yourself enough to stay disciplined.

This new challenge has been hard. I’m not going to lie. I’m in my second week of it and I want a whole pie right now. Preferably sweet potato. But I have a goal. And I’m tired of giving up on my goals. I’m tired of convincing myself that the lies are truth. I’m tired of saying: I’ll get to it, I just gotta do this first.

Either you want to hold on to your goal…

Or you don’t.

Either way, discipline has to be right beside you.


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