Flag on the Play

Disclaimer: this is a parenting, venting but intended with love post

Reader discretion is advised

So lately, it’s felt like I’ve been a referee in a cage match.

My son vs. my oldest daughter.

If you want to see an ultimate fight, come to my house anytime between Sunday and Saturday, 24/7. Violent punches and jabs excluded but the feeling of constant beast mode is still there.

When I was a kid, I grew up in a big family. My mom was one of 10 and my dad was one of nine. So yeah I wanted the same thing, especially with kids close in age.

I spoke too soon. Way too soon.

I keep forgetting to take into account that my son is a month and a half shy of 13 and my daughter is 11. Those are the prime ages of “The Change.”

You know what “The Change” is.

Little by little everyday, I notice a difference with my two older children whether it’s my son’s voice getting deeper (don’t tell him that, he’ll scream manhood in a second) or my daughter growing two more inches within a week (she gets her height confused with her superiority).

Changes. Galore.

Changes that I THOUGHT I was ready for but apparently I am not!! Not even a little bit.

Don’t get me started on disagreements between the two of them, I try to be Switzerland but they don’t make it easy. More times than not my favorite phrase to use is: “I’m not refereeing this argument!” (Add some claps in between each word and you have a legit statement).

That’s what comes with having more than one child.

That’s what comes with two adolescents going through “The Change” at the same time.

Parents: it’s okay to not put on the ref hat some days

It’s okay to shut your door and let them “duke” it out (as long as there is no blood and no low blows).

It’s okay for your children to figure out the issues they have with each other on their own.

That’s “The Change” that they can also embrace.


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