Depend on Self

man with fireworks


Sometimes you have no choice in life when it come to gaining independence. Either you purposely strive for it or it falls into your lap.

Either way, you need it.

Every outing I take with my children or every task I complete by myself, gives me one more ounce of independence. Independence that I desperately needed in order to function through life.

I look back on all the situations I’ve been in where I chose to be independent or I had no choice. Choosing independence meant that I was telling myself and the people around me that I could handle things on my own with little to no help. Independence being thrown at me meant that life felt like it was time for me to show how well I could do on my own, regardless if I was ready or not.

I’ve had both. But the end result was always the same.

Gaining power.

And I don’t mean in an evil villain type of way. No way shape or form did I want to take over the tri-state area. But in a way where I felt restored.

Restoration from depending on someone or various people.

Restoration from that job that you’re not so happy with but decide to go search for a new one.

Restoration from that relationship, toxic or not, that you needed to separate yourself from.

Restoration from yourself. The untrue doubt you always place in your own psyche that’s caused you to feel less than.

It’s not always easy being independent. You have to depend on yourself and in the back of your mind you don’t want to let yourself down or disappoint. You don’t want to prove yourself right with the self doubt you placed on your mind when you questioned whether or not you could really be free of what’s hindering your independence.

Are you self-dependent?


Free from…





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