I couldn’t wait to get in my car and drive straight home from work. For some reason, the paperwork on my desk laughed at me from Monday to Friday. I even caught myself rolling my eyes at the stacks on my desk.

I couldn’t wait to go home.

However, I’m an Earth sign and as soon as I got in the car and rolled the windows down for the fresh air, the urgency to get home subsided.

Nature was speaking to me.

I drove out of the garage to my office building, turned left instead of my usual right and began taking the long way. Oh wait, I did stop for gas. But then I began my impromptu excursion again.

I allowed myself to take in the natural beauty around me as I drove around my city. I had my music on, windows down and took deep breaths. The sun was in the beginning stages of setting and I have to admit, I pulled over, took a few selfies taking advantage of the sun’s natural filter (LOL).

But in all seriousness, I really just wanted to inhale nature. I wanted to remind myself to slow down sometimes. Being a parent, especially of four, I am always ripping and running. I don’t always get the chance to slow down or stop.

Today, I did.

I felt a small force inside of me, reminding me that I’m allowed to slow down. I’m allowed to stop.

Reminding me that nature’s beauty helps calm me.


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