Recently, I learned a lesson in the difference between being in solitude and being a recluse.

Solitude: the state or situation of being alone

Recluse: a person who lives a solitary life and tends to avoid other people

Both are similar, but only one is beneficial.

We all need to practice being in solitude with our soul. We need time to organize, prioritize & sort out ourselves, alone. You’re warranted to let the people in your life know, “hey look, I just need to be in solitude for a bit so I can be better”

Solitude is good for the soul.

Solitude can help free you of any or all negative vibes that have been placed within your energy space. It gives you a chance to bring your priorities to the forefront of your life. Bring the positivity back to a place where it’s always radiating from you.


Let’s not put solitude and recluse in the same category.

I’ve had my moments of being a recluse and mistaking it for being in solitude with myself. During my times of reclusiveness, not once did I improve myself. I’ll admit it. I wallowed. I wallowed in everything that was “going wrong” in my life instead of trying to figure out ways to make it better or at least not put so much focus on the negativity. I dragged myself deeper into a feeling of loneliness instead inviting myself into being alone. And in some cases, it affected my personal relationships.

I thought I was in solitude.

I wasn’t.

And when I saw how my personal relationships were being affected, then did I realize how much of a hermit I was being. And also finally realizing the difference between solitude and recluse.

I actually forgot (crazy, right?) that I had family and friends that would’ve understood if I told them that I needed to be in solidarity with myself for a bit, but in turn reminding them that I still valued our relationship.

Unfortunately with being reclusive, you have a tendency to push people away, block your blessings or actually become comfortable with the negative energy around you. And that’s a hard space to escape from.

Now I’m not saying that we don’t deserve to sometimes wallow in self-pity but don’t make it a part of who you are. Don’t let it become a habit.

I encourage you to grant yourself solitude.


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