Around the Sun

I think your birthday is a good day for you to reflect. I mean, you’re another year older and hopefully wiser. And sometimes when you reach a certain age, your mind just knows to shift into “being more grown up.”

We can’t help it because we don’t want to stay stuck doing the same things we did the year before that kept us from being our best selves.

It was funny when my 6 year old said “Happy 23rd Birthday Mommy!!!” to me this morning. And of course I blushed because I sure as hell don’t feel 23 nor do I feel like I look 23 but what the hell I ran with the compliment. Then I started to think of how I don’t want to go back to being 23. I’ve done it already. I went through that year of growth and gaining more maturity. And I’m thankful for that. I went through that year of starting to really figure out who I was as a person and mother. Or even who I wanted to be.

And the same reflection has happened again today. I love reflecting. I love how I’m more comfortable with being honest with myself. How I’m not afraid to tell myself what the deal is. How I can admit to myself when I’m wrong or even laugh at myself. You gotta laugh at yourself sometimes.

How every year I become more and more passionate about my goals, dreams and aspirations.

How every year my relationships with the people I love and care about the most become stronger.

How every year my mind and soul become more resilient while simultaneously compassionate.

Character development.

That’s what reflection is.

That’s what my birthday is all about.

Reflecting on the positive character development that’s happening in my story.


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