Wolf Pack


When I had my son, I felt a shift in my whole being. My mind, soul and thought process all changed the instant that little dude entered the world. And each pregnancy and delivery after that, there was always another shift. Positive, of course. But it never failed.

I turned territorial.

I’ve always been a territorial person. I believe in protecting your valuables at all costs but once my children came, the feeling of being territorial felt comparable to one of the most majestic creatures on this planet.

A wolf.

I believe that all mothers out there are comparable to a wolf.

Research shows that wolves are very territorial, to the point where, they mark their territory at a wider vicinity than necessary. However, they do so in order to make sure that the pack never has to suffer or fight for survival. In addition, wolves also defend their territories from other packs through various channels. For example, marking their scent, attacking directly (establishing dominance) and communication (i.e. howling).

Now I’m not going to make this a lesson on wolves, although I can talk about them all day but parenting is comparable to being in a wolf pack.

Parents are always thinking ahead and doing more than required just to make sure the family is well taken care of (marking territory).

Parents also make it known to everyone: hey this is my kid!! Don’t forget that, (scent marking)

Parents also defend their children, with no question sometimes, if they feel like their child is being disrespected or attacked (attacking directly/establishing dominance)

And last but not least, parents communicate with their children all the time whether near or far. A parent will always find a way to keep in contact with their children (howling).

You see, I’ve always had an affinity for wolves, especially after having kids and I never understood why until I did my research. And that’s when I realized that I was the Alpha Female in my pack. (LOL Yes, I feel like a wolf is my spirit animal.)

Marking my territory with my children, protecting my “pups” at any cost, and having open and honest communication with them.

A family is a wolf pack.

The leader is always behind the pack while traveling or hunting, so they are the first line of defense if another pack or predator decides to attack. Same with parents. We will always have our children/child’s back if anything were to occur that threatened their way of life.

It doesn’t matter the dynamic of the pack (single parent, two parents, blended family, adopted family etc.), families have to stick together like a wolf pack.

We have to be the leader and protect the pack.


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