The Best Medicine


At times, I’m the mom that can be too serious often. Although I feel justified because of my single parenthood and wanting to shape my children to be good, kind people, I need to remember that my kids want to see me laugh, smile and be silly sometimes.

I’m actually one of the silliest people you’ll ever meet but sometimes, unfortunately, Life, will try to snatch your creativity, humor and joy. I’m not going to let it. I was reminded of that this morning whilst driving my kids to school, my 9 year old exclaimed, “Hey guys, let’s do our best impression of Mommy!!” Of course, I turned my face up for 2.5 seconds but then the jokes came rolling in like the evening tide.

They impersonated my loud cackle, how I sound when I tell them to get in the bed after the 15 millionth time, the way I call their names when I need them to cooperate and my face when my mom calls me four times in a row. Sorry mom, I still love you but you call me just as much as a telemarketer.

I tried my best not to laugh but I couldn’t help it. I had literal tears in my eyes this morning during the slight traffic we ran into. And then they proceeded to impersonate my mom when she calls for my dad to help her with something, my dad when he’s explaining to the kids not to walk on the grass in his Jamaican accent (which my son nailed by the way), and lastly my sister when she’s trying to relax and my kids won’t stop calling her during her “me” time.

See as parents, we do want our kids to see and respect us as their parent and/or authority figure because that’s what we are. We are in charge of them until it’s time for them to take the reigns. But I know at times we forget that laughter should fill the household. Kids love to laugh. They laugh at EVERYTHING!!! Even at things, us parents are like, “this doesn’t make any sense.”

So why not laugh with them?

Let’s be our kids personal comedians. Especially during times when they need us to make them feel better from a bad day at school or a small argument with a friend or sibling. Let’s let laughter fill our homes as much as possible.

From there to here, from here to there, funny things are everywhere- Dr. Seuss


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