Buried Alive

So Spring is here and many of us have a tendency to purge our homes, a.k.a. “Spring Cleaning.” The initial thought of cleaning can feel a bit daunting.

I mean, come on, cleaning isn’t #1 on the list fun things you like to do with your life. It’s definitely not on mine.

But…it needs to be done.

And so, a lot of times you have to have that same mentality when it comes to different aspects of your life.

How often are you purging the things you don’t need in your life?

I, personally, used to despise purging. I always found something that I thought I still needed or wanted and then of course, a few months would go by and I never even used it again.

As I’ve gotten older, purging became easier. My mentality changed with every purge. When I would come across an item I had in my possession I would ask, “Is this beneficial to my life?” And most times, the answer was no.

So I’ve applied that same mentality to my personal life.

Purging the people in your life, taking that leap for a new career or deciding overall to change your mindset can be the hardest purge you’ll ever have to do.

But it needs to be done.

Decluttering the negative forces that are causing you to feel overwhelmed, hoarded or jaded are healthy. Just like when you clean out your home, you make room for the items you already have that are serving a positive in your life or even allowing new items to occupy those spaces.

We should have the same mentality for our lives. A lot of times the people, places or things that are in our life are hoarding our minds and souls. And as much as we feel that we need those things, in reality, they are causing way more stress than needed.

We all need to purge or declutter our lives.

Especially to make room for the people, places or things that will serve a positive purpose in our lives.

So will you “Spring Clean” your life?


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