I Choose You


“To the world you may be one person; but to one person you may be the world.”-Dr. Seuss

I love the power we have where we can actually pick a person and say “I like you, let’s stay connected forever.” And with that power we either choose people that uplift, motivate and encourage us or ones that degrade, combat and belittle us. It really is our choice in who we choose to surround ourselves with.

Growing up, I wanted a group of friends like the crew from The Goonies (top 3 favorite movies by the way) and like them I wanted an adventure that I would remember forever. But hey I lived in the real world and my mom wouldn’t let me leave the house without a grown up, so the quest to find a dead pirate’s treasure was not in the cards. But the quest for a great group of friends always was.

Elementary, middle and high school were a learning experience for me when it came to friendships. Some I still have to this day and some have faded into the darkness. I feel like subconsciously I was always chasing “The Goonies” type friendship. One where friends would stick with you until the end. Whether you temporarily went a tad bit “insane” (within reason) or made more sense than Albert Einstein explaining the theory of relativity.  Friendships that could go through some trauma and ones that could celebrate joys and victories. The search for awesome friendships should be a quest that everyone endeavors.

Having a stellar friend is like having a family member that you chose. What a great feeling to know that someone other than who you either share a parent, aunt, cousin or grandparent with sees something magnificent in you and wants to have that vibrancy around them constantly. And you the same. Positive, uplifting energy, of course.

So far through my 30 something years (still not going into detail about that) of life, I’ve dealt with negative and positive energy friendships. Friendships where I didn’t feel like I could be myself and friendships that didn’t like who I really was. Friendships that were toxic and friendships that were forced.

But through it all, I have developed friendships that were uplifting and friendships that were comforting. Friendships that were loving and friendships that were steadfast. Friendships that let me go “insane” (within reason) and friendships that appreciated (still do) my thoughts and ideas.

I truly feel like after all these of years of successful and unsuccessful friendships, I feel like I’ve found my “Goonies”

I hope you’ve found yours


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