Lost in Trans-technology

pexels-photo-594452.jpegI’m all for devices, apps or anything technological that can potentially make my or someone’s life a little more tolerable. Let’s face it, everyone at some point in their everyday life have hectic tasks to complete. My echo dot a.k.a “Alexa” for example, has been somewhat of a lifesaver since I won it at my job’s department Christmas party in December. We should all be aware as to what “Alexa” is capable of doing: play a vast array of music, capable of setting reminders and timers, inform us of the weather, or even play games. There is so much more.

Although technology has allowed us to communicate with a loved one, friend, colleague, etc. at the drop of a hat; make it able for us to google information in seconds as opposed to going to a library and taking advantage of our amazing Dewey Decimal system. Good old-fashioned research. Somewhere along the lines or wires, we have gotten “Lost in Trans-technology.” In other words, real communication is an endangered species. If we don’t save it now, we’ll never know how anyone truly feels. Don’t get me wrong I have definitely gotten used to just picking up my deteriorating iPhone 6s (because we all know they start to malfunction when the new models are introduced) and texting someone about a situation I  had at work with an aggravating coworker, asking a question I could’ve just googled or discussed with Siri or just saying hi and making sure they’re still alive.

But it’s become a way of life.

So many emotions, feelings and thoughts definitely get misconstrued through all this wireless technology. Everybody seems to fall in vat of bravery when put in front of a keyboard. Yes, writing down how you’re feeling can be cathartic, I’m all for that but to the point of where I have to think twice about my relationship with a friend or family member because, uh-oh!!, you forgot to put an “lol” at the end of your thought. I don’t think so. I must still be old-fashioned in a sense; Get that rotary phone out of your attic, blow off the dust and call my number. Hear the emotion or timbre in my voice. Better yet ask me out for some coffee (because I can’t function without it) or restaurant (because food is life) to discuss a situation that’s potentially serious or not.

I don’t want to get lost in the world of distorted emotions being thrown through the wireless atmosphere or pounding the letters on a keyboard.

Real emotions.

Real communication.

Are we losing it all? Have emojis and acronyms become our language now? Has society gotten to the point where showing their true vulnerability, whether positive or negative, is considered weak?

Honestly, I am not here for it. At the end of the day, I will always want to see you.


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