Power: The mind, the pen, the paper

pexels-photo-414645.jpegI was stuck finding the perfect way to start this post off. I’m not a professional writer, I just love to write. I love the way I can get all my thoughts and feelings out on paper and actually feel a weight off my shoulders; to actually feel like I can breathe without worry.

To actually know that whatever I wrote down is between me, the pen and the paper.

To be able to cross out mistakes and start over without being judged or ridiculed.

To be able to change a word or fix a sentence so that it sounds the way it needs to sound.

To know that whatever I transcribe can either be for me or someone who needs words instead of voices.

To feel like there’s an ability out there that completely understands what I’m trying to say.

To know that what I’m feeding onto the paper doesn’t always have to make sense as long as the words are being written.

How amazing it is that there are so many blank pages that can be filled with my thoughts, ideas, imagination and creativity.

Words that can turn a thought into a movement.

Words are powerful.

Words are inspiring.

Words are motivating.

Words are debilitating.

Words can be poison.

Words can heal.

Words can be molded and transformed into anything.

Words can be hard to grasp.

What power there is between the mind, a pen and a piece of paper. A power so strong, people’s lives can be changed by just a few sentences or even a 200 page book.

A power that I have grown to love. A power that I am still trying to harness. A power that I want to use to make something beautiful and inspiring and motivating.

A power, that I hope, will one day change a life.




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